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Explore my world of visual storytelling. Capturing moments, crafting narratives that inspire. From brand building to filmmaking and photography, experience creativity in its purest form. Discover my journey through compelling visuals..


Dustin Gottschalk

Hey, ich bin Dustin Gottschalk, Filmemacher und Unternehmer. Schon in jungen Jahren entdeckte ich die Faszination dafür, Emotionen durch Kurzfilme zu transportieren.

Diese Leidenschaft führte mich schließlich dazu, für zahlreiche Unternehmen und Influencer Medien zu produzieren. Dabei erkannte ich den starken Einfluss, den visuelle Medien auf Marken haben können. Mein Ziel war und ist es eigene Brands zu entwickeln und aufzubauen.

Heute kann ich auf erfolgreiche Projekte zurückblicken, in denen ich zahlreiche Marken, in den Bereichen Outdoor, Kosmetik und Mode begleitet und selbst gegründet habe.


Dive into a diverse collection of my photography work, capturing the essence of life’s most beautiful moments. From the elegance of wedding celebrations in “Eternal Love” to the serene beauty of nature, each photograph tells a unique story. Discover the charm in the everyday with aesthetic shots, and explore the unexpected in a gallery of random pictures. Experience the world through my lens, where every image is a testament to creativity and passion.


Nature Photography

Aesthetic Photography


Welcome to my Portfolio, where visual storytelling comes to life through compelling videos and cinematography. Each project showcases my dedication to capturing the essence of moments, whether it’s the grandeur of cinematic productions, the intimacy of personal stories, or the vibrancy of commercial work. Explore a curated collection of my best work, reflecting a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail. Experience the art of moving images and discover the stories that resonate beyond the frame.
  • Shaping Brands for Lasting Impact

    Brand Building

    From concept to execution, we specialize in creating compelling brand narratives that resonate. Our strategic approach ensures your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace
  • Transforming Ideas into Cinematic Experiences

    Film Making

    With a keen eye for detail and narrative expertise, we bring stories to life on screen. Our films combine creativity and technical precision to engage and inspire audiences.
  • Visual Storytelling Through the Lens


    Every click captures emotion and essence. Our photography reveals narratives in every frame, creating timeless images that evoke emotion and tell stories effortlessly.

Brand Building

Film Making



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